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12 color glass set

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Keep Smiling Glass Colors | glass color keep smiling

Product Description :-

Glass colors from Cape Smiling Chinese Your effective tool for transforming glass surfaces into pieces of art that pulsate with joy and life and are covered with harmonious colors that are comfortable for the eye, as it consists of several varying colors.

Product Features :-

  • As it is known, glass is one of the best surfaces suitable for drawing, due to its smooth surface and its excellent ability to reflect light in a wonderful way, which enables artists to display their talent.
  • Keep Smiling glass colors come in a soft texture and pure colors to give an illusion of the purity of your painting and to put its mark on your artwork.
  • It gives an even coverage and a smooth texture.
  • Glass surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before using glass colors on them, and you must make sure that they are completely dry to ensure the best use.
  • Glass colors are characterized by their flexibility, smooth composition, and harmonious shades.


Color type :-

Keep Smiling Glass Colors are available in tube-shaped packages.  

Number of colors :-

One package of Cape Smiling Glass Colors contains 12 colors, each of them represents a different color in perfect harmony and harmony between them, so that you can show your artistic creativity in drawing and coloring.

Color capacity :-

One bottle of Cape Glass Colors is 12ml.

Attachments :-

To complete your artistic painting, glass colors come with a paintbrush dedicated to drawing and coloring on the glass.

Brand :-  

Glass colors are made from the brand Cape Smiling.

Country of Manufacture :-

Cape Smiling Glass Color Collection is made in China.

6.75 USD
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