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12 piece waterbrush set

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Giorgione paint brushes | Georgian Artist brushes

Product Contents:

A set of high quality, tapered brushes from the famous Giorgione brand, consisting of 12 pieces of different sizes and lengths, they have soft and dense bristles that help hold the right amount of water and color, suitable for watercolor, acrylic and oil colors.

Basic information and specifications about the product:

The brush set has a number of special specifications that make it the best among similar products in the market, and these specifications are as follows:

✬ Pointed brush in different sizes.

Number of pieces: 12 pieces of different sizes and sizes .

Handle color: multicolor .

Suitable for watercolor, acrylic and oil colours.

Brand: Giorgione.

the number of pieces :

The watercolor brush set consists of a number of up to 12 brushes of different sizes and sizes.

the color :

The watercolor brush set has its multi-colored handle, between wood, brown, cyan and pink according to your desire.

Product Description :

One of the most important and most important drawing tools is the brushes, which are the essential part of any painter, without which the drawing process does not take place. Therefore, artists search for the best brushes that may be used in drawing, which help them highlight their paintings and make them look almost perfect, so we offer them A collection of the best types of watercolor brushes , which are suitable for different colors, and which have advantages that are not available in other brushes.

the design :

These universal paint brushes are designed with a number of pieces of different sizes, which vary in color, and are designed with soft and dense bristles to absorb colors effectively.

How to use :

Use these paint brushes In drawing various paintings with large areas and small details alike, and with different types of oil, watercolor and acrylic colors.

Product Features:

The set of paint brushes has an infinite number of advantages, which are represented in the following:

✬ Made up of a large number of multi-use paint brushes that are used to draw a number of paintings of different dimensions, whether large or with fine details.

Its multi-colored handles may be wooden, brown, heavenly or pink, according to your desire.

Easy to clean.

Easy to control, so bring out the best paintings.

Suitable as a special gift for painting lovers.

✬ Its material is of high quality.

designed to absorb soft Bsairat colors well and distribute it .

Do not cause any stains that may damage the panel.

Product Type :

12 piece watercolor brush set

trade mark :

The brand that has manufactured such excellent and well-crafted brushes used for painting by professionals and seasoned professionals is Giorgione.

country of origin :

The mother country and the basis for the launch of this brand is China.

6.48 USD
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ghaida Altamimi

5 months ago

حبيتها مثل الصوره بالضبط👍🏻😍


Diala Atif

5 months ago

مرا حلوه و ما تتقطع الفرش بالعكس حلووه


أمجاد ماجد

7 months ago

الحودةة ممتازة جدا جدا بالنسبه للسعر مناسبه اكثر شيء للالوان المائية


شجون اليوسف

9 months ago

الفرشش مره حلوه وناعمهه


هدى الشمري

11 months ago


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