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5 colors oil colors with medium

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Lefranc Bourjois oil color palette | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS ACRYLIC SET

A set of Lefranc Bourjois oil colors in various shades, and it comes with the colors. An oil medium from Lefranc Bourjois dedicated to oil colors, characterized by being light and improving their fluidity, making the colors pure and pure and giving them a nice luster, especially when merging with light and white colors.

Product details

  • The contents of the set: tube oil paints and an oil medium for oil colors.
  • Product type: tube.
  • Number of colors: 5 oil colors.
  • Product color: white - black - blue - red - yellow.
  • Color capacity: 40ml.
  • Medium capacity: 75 ml.
  • Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois.
  • Country of Manufacture: France.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This set contains 5 oil colors in multiple shades.
  • Oil colors overlap with each other easily, which is why many artists prefer them.
  • Oil colors need thick surfaces to paint on because they are heavy.
  • These colors are not exposed to cracks, and this gives the opportunity for artists to put layers of colors on each other to make the painting more contrast and more clear.
  • The drawing appears in thick layers, adding to the beauty of the painting.
  • The colors are fast to paint but slow drying.
  • And it comes with the colors and an oil medium dedicated to oil colors responsible for protecting the painting from dirt and exposure to dirt, dust and water.
  • Painters prefer to use oil colors in their works because they are distinguished by their wonderful colors that have their own luster.
  • Distinguishing oil colors by saying that their dye is suspended in linseed oil.
  • Oil colors are not diluted with water, but they need care when used, they can be diluted with linseed oil, turpentine.
  • Its slow drying and hardening process gives the artist the opportunity to alter any part of the painting with a piece of cloth or turpentine.
31.05 USD
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