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5 piece brush set

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Keep smiling Artist set brush| Paint brushes from Keep Smiling

Product Contents:

A high quality brush set consisting of five round-ended brushes that have soft and thick hair and are available in different sizes.

Product information and specifications:

These glamorous brushes have a number of specifications of the perfect brushes that lovers of painting are looking for all over the world, and these specifications are as follows:

✬ Number of pieces: The brush set consists of 5 pieces of different sizes.

✬ Handle color: Its handles have a bright white color.

✬ Brand: Cape Smiling.

She has soft and thick hair.

the number of pieces :

The brush set from Keep Smiling has a number of 5 pieces of different lengths and sizes.

the color :

Enjoy painting brushes from Cape Smillnj white color Palmkabd their own.

Product Description :

Artists’ drawing tools are hardly devoid of brushes, especially because of their importance that cannot be overlooked in drawing paintings, as they are the most important and basic tool for drawing, but not all types of brushes are considered the same as each other, in terms of quality and their own bristles, but we were able to provide you with a set of drawing brushes Various sizes and exquisitely crafted to produce the best paintings for you.

the design :

These brushes are designed in five different sizes to draw all the minute details inside the painting, and they are designed with soft bristles that are easy to control while painting, in addition to their wonderful white colors.

How to use :

These brushes are used in drawing large and small details of the painting, and they are designed to match a large number of types of colors and paintings.

Product Features:

These brushes have a set of advantages, which are as follows:

✬ It consists of a number of various brushes of various sizes to accurately paint the dimensions of the painting.

✬ Easily match different types of colors.

✬ Absorbs colors and leaves no stains on the beauty of the painting.

✬ Her soft hair makes her manageability even smoother.

✬ Its material is excellent.

✬ A classy gift for professional painters.

The tips are rounded, which enables you to easily draw small curves.

✬ Bear colors and intensity and help in blending them well.

Product Type :

5 piece brush set

trade mark :

The brand that manufactures and designs these amazing, high quality brushes is Cape Smiling International.

country of origin :

The mother country and origin of the manufacture and launch of this most famous brand of painting tools is China.

3.78 USD
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