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6 color face paints in basic shades with brush

18.90 USD

Colors for painting on the face from Giotto | GIOTTO MAKEUP

Face colors 6 basic colors with a brush from GIOTTO MAKEUP It is distinguished by its wonderful gradation of colors, and these colors are used in painting on the face using the brush provided with the package.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • These colors are only intended for face painting.
  • The colors are made of materials whose color composition is easy to apply, which makes it easy to color the face.
  • These colors are fast drying.
  • It is easy to remove and wipe from the face by washing it with soap and water, or using wet wipes.
  • Colors are made of cosmetic materials to preserve the skin so as not to cause any harm to the skin.
  • Graphics in these colors are more clear and this is due to the high color pigment.
  • It is characterized by its high quality, which gives a large space for the painter to be creative in drawings.
  • It is recommended to remove face colors immediately after enjoying them so as not to cause any damage to the skin.
  • Face painting colors are not considered paints, but they join cosmetic tools.
  • These colors are not of the greasy type, they are of the watery type, and this makes them do not cause the appearance of grains on the skin.

Product details

Color type: Face painting colors.

Color Type: Colors are placed in a palette.

number of colors:   Six colors in different shades.

color capacity: 5 milligrams.

attachments: Comes with a color brush.

Brand: Giotto | GIOTTO.

Country of Manufacture: China .

18.90 USD
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