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6-piece beveled brush set

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beveled paint brushes | professional Artist brush

The painter prefers to use brushes that are always used for a variety of purposes that are not limited to a certain type of color, but we were able to provide you with a distinctive and versatile set of brushes, to suit all dimensions of the painting, which are suitable for oil, water and other colors.

Product Description :

A high quality beveled brush set in different sizes and lengths, it has soft and dense bristles that help hold the right amount of water and color.

Number of pieces: 6 pieces of beveled brushes.

Color: These paint brushes have a bright white handle.

Basic information and specifications about the product:

This unique set of brushes has a number of special features, which are represented in the following:

✬ It matches different colors, whether watercolor or oil.

The bristles of the brushes are soft and dense.

✬ It has white handles.

the design :

These brushes are designed with soft and dense bristles that hold watercolors and blend them well, and are designed with the color of their light white handles.

How to use :

Use to paint fine details and large areas using watercolor and oil paints.

Product Features:

This set of brushes used for drawing has a set of countless advantages, which are represented in the following:

✬ These brushes are made of very soft bristles that make painting easier.

✬ It has dense bristles, which helps to hold and distribute watercolors, so that they do not leave traces of color spots.

✬ Divided into large and small sizes used according to the painter's need in drawing his painting.

✬ It has the color of its white and smooth handle, which can be controlled, thus producing an aesthetic and professional painting.

✬ Made of high quality materials.

✬ It can be gifted to your friends who are drawing lovers.

✬ Their prices are not exorbitant but affordable for everyone.

Product Type : 6-piece beveled brush set.

trade mark : daxcjn .

country of origin : China.

6.48 USD
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