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6 Pieces Watercolor Brush Set

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Daxgen tapered brush set

One of the important tools used in drawing for sure, which is almost the most important part at all, is drawing brushes, especially if you are looking for the best brushes used in drawing with high quality and soft and dense bristles that help in absorbing colors and merging them perfectly, we offer you A set of 6 different watercolor brushes for professional painting.

Product Description :

A set of high-quality, tapered brushes of different sizes and lengths used in drawing the exact and wide dimensions of the painting, and it has soft and dense bristles that help carry the right amount of water and the right colors, and it is also suitable for watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Number of pieces: The set consists of 6 brushes of different sizes and sizes.

Color: The brushes have white and bright handles.

Basic information and specifications about the product:

This distinctive set of watercolor brushes has a set of special specifications, which are represented in the following:

✬ Pointed brushes of different sizes.

. Suitable for watercolor, acrylic and oil

✬ It also enjoys softness and smoothness in use.

the design :

These brushes are designed with 6 pieces of different sizes and sizes, and they are specially designed for watercolors, and the brushes have soft white handles that can be held and controlled.

How to use :

It is used by combining colors with each other, especially watercolors, and using them to draw small and delicate details, because of their small-sized brushes, as well as the large areas of large-sized brushes.

Product Features:

Our product has a set of features that make it the best, and these features are as follows:

✬ Brushes come for watercolors, due to their bristles density.

✬ Color absorbs greatly, reducing the appearance of spots on the panels.

✬ Their sizes vary, which contributes to the drawing of small and fine details.

✬ Suitable for all types of acrylic and oil colors, especially watercolor.

✬ Its material is of high quality.

✬ It is easy to control, thus producing a distinctive painting.

✬ It can be a great gift for painting lovers and lovers.

Product Type : drawing tools .

Brand: Daxgen.

country of origin : China.

6.48 USD
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