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A3 acrylic sketchbook

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Art Nation Acrylic Brochure | Art nation acrylic color pad

ArtNation Acrylic Notebook, White Paper that withstands wet media and withstands frequent erasing, includes 16 A3 sheets.

Paper colour: white.

Fish: 190 grams.

Number of papers: 16 sheets.

Size: A3.

Brand: Art nation.

Product type: acrylic sketchbook.

Manufacturer: The founding company of this brand is Art Nation.

Country of Origin: China is the mother country is the main origin of this famous brand.

Product introduction: 

The papers used in drawing are one of the most important tools that the painter basically needs, as well as always looking for the best high-quality materials, in order to show the painting in a more professional and distinctive way, so we offer you an acrylic sketchbook, which matches the acrylic colors and withstands the colors and moisture to produce a painting It has a different and unique aesthetic touch, which consists of enough solid and white papers to show the beauty of the colors and the professionalism of the painting greatly, hurry up to order it now from our distinguished store.

Basic product information:

Our distinctive product made for drawing has a number of special information and specifications that characterize it, and these specifications are as follows:

It is A3 in size.

The color of its leaves is white.

The paper is for acrylic colours.

The number of sheets for the brochure is 16 sheets.

Its thickness is up to 190.

Acrylic Sketchbook Features:

This brochure has a number of features that make it the best choice for the painter, and these features are as follows:

This brochure can be used with: Acrylic colors.

Sized for small drawings with fine details.

Customized for acrylic colors.

Its leaves have a pure white color so that the beauty of the colors of the plate can be seen.

Its thickness is suitable, which prevents the color from leaking and causing spots to deform the panel.

Colors can be erased if something goes wrong with the palette.

The paper is sturdy withstands colors, wet materials, and repeated wiping.

The number of leaves are many, which makes them last for long periods.

The papers are for acrylic colors, to make the painting more professional.

the design : 

This brochure was designed with not a small number of sheets, which are up to 16 sheets of good whiteness, which were specially designed to withstand acrylic colors, and it is characterized by an excellent thickness that makes it bear multiple layers of colors.

How to use : 

This brochure is used for drawing paintings with acrylic colors, as it is thick and withstands multiple layers of moisture, which makes the paintings look professional and distinctive.

9.45 USD
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