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A3 oil painting book

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Art Nation Oil Painting | Art nation oil color pad

Art Nation Oil Painting Sketchbook, White Paper that withstands wet media and resists frequent wiping, 16 A3 sheets.

Paper colour: white.

Fish: 190 grams.

Number of papers: 16 sheets.

Size: A3.

brochure type: Oil painting book.

Introduction to the brochure:

We offer you one of the best brochures that are suitable for oil colors to reflect the beauty and details of your paintings to a great extent, as they are basically intended to bear multiple layers of oil colors naturally, which helps to show them more than wonderfully to bring out your hidden talents in a way that keeps pace with the present, you can get Get it now and easily from our very special website as soon as possible before stocks run out.

Basic product information and specifications:

Our unique brochure, dedicated to talented illustrators in drawing, has a number of very unique information and specifications. These specifications are as follows:

The number of its sheets for drawing is up to 16 sheets.

✬ Leaves have a bright white color.

✬ Its size is A3.

✬ Thickness up to 190.

✬ Suitable for oil colors.

Features of the oil painting book:

This brochure for painters has a large number of features that gather in one brochure that most professional painters are looking for. These features are as follows:

✬ Its leaves are many and varied.

✬ Its large thickness makes it more able to absorb colors and moisture without leaving paper trails.

✬ Its white color shows the colors more clearly, which shows the beauty and professionalism of the painting.

✬ Its size allows for small and fine details to be drawn.

✬ Colors can be erased more than once without cutting or messing with the palette.

✬ Color appears more professional.

✬ Oil colors help highlight the painting and its special beauty and reflect the artist's art.

the design :

This booklet is designed to suit oil colors in particular, and it is designed with a number of papers of up to 16 distinctive and durable sheets, which have an appropriate thickness that makes them tolerant of moisture and different colors.

How to use : 

The painting is used to draw a lot of fine art paintings using oil colors to highlight the beauty of the painting and make it appear professional.

the manufacture company :

The manufacturer of such a world-famous brand is Art Nation.

trade mark :

Art nation.

country of origin :

The main country and origin of this brand is China.

9.45 USD
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