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A3 watercolor sketchbook

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watercolor sketchbook | Watercolor pad


Product Description :  

  A3 watercolor sketchbook from Bianyo brand, its papers are compressed by cold pressure, which will form slight terrain on the surface of the paper so that it can bear water colors smoothly, and the large thickness of the paper will also help you to draw wonderful watercolor paintings and drawings with professional results.

Product Features:  

  • Paper thickness up to 180g makes the user get professional artistic drawings and creations.
  • The brochure cover is made of cardboard to preserve it and your paintings and artistic creations.
  • The back cover of the booklet is light grey.
  • This watercolor sketchbook is made with a cold press method so it can handle the use of watercolors with ease.
  • More than one color can be combined within an A3 watercolor sketchbook to give illustrators and artists creativity.
  • The booklet has wire on the sides that makes it easier to use.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry anywhere, whether it is in travel, at university or other places.
  • A3 watercolor sketchbook is the best for all professional and creative painters.
  • Allows the use of Cape Smiling dry watercolors.
  • You can also use the pastel colors of the Potato Cat brand, which give the paintings an aesthetic and creativity.
  • A3 watercolor sketchbook allows you to use all kinds of wood colors.


Colors that can be used with the brochure:  

A3 watercolor sketchbook suitable for the following types of drawing:-

  • water colors.
  • pastel colors;
  • wood colors.
  • the pencils.
  • pens and charcoal cutters.

Product details:  


  • Number of paper: 24 pages.


  • Paper colour: white.

  • Paper type: Brochure paper is cold pressed.

  • Paper thickness: 180 grams.

  • Paper size: 29.7 x 42 cm, equivalent to A3 size.

  • Brand: Bianyo Brand.


  • Country of Manufacture: China.
9.45 USD

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