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A4 Canvas Paper

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Donia Canvas Pad Booklet | Donia canvas pad

✬ Dunya Canvas Booklet for Oil and Acrylic Painters. It has paper made of 100% cotton, thickness of 280 grams, containing 10 sheets of A4 size.

Paper colour: white.

Number of papers: 10 sheets.

Size: A4.

Brand: Dunya.

Country of Origin: China is the mother and manufacturer of this brand.

Product Type: Canvas Notebook.

Product introduction:  

✬ We offer you one of the best sketchbooks used in painting, which art lovers are looking for greatly, due to its raw materials. It is made of pure cotton and its leaves are excellent canvases to suit the tastes of all painters and suit the details of their fine and delicate art. You can get it now and order it from Our location easily, and as soon as possible before stocks run out.

Basic product information and specifications:

This excellent canvas paper brochure has a set of high-quality specifications that painters are looking for in various places, and it is characterized by a set of specifications, which are as follows:

✬ Its paper is white.

✬ The brochure consists of 10 canvas sheets.

✬ A4 size.

✬ Made of pure cotton.

✬ Its fish is 280 grams.

Canvas Paper Features:

This sketchbook made of premium canvas paper has an endless array of unique features, which are as follows:

✬ The fact that the booklet is made of premium canvas paper makes its papers durable and can withstand colors without leaving traces of colors and stains deforming the board.

✬ This brochure can be used with: oil paints, and acrylic paints.

✬ It greatly enhances the aesthetics of the paintings.

✬ Made of high quality pure cotton.

✬ Canvas paper withstands many layers of color without affecting the painting.

✬ Colors can be erased easily.

✬ Its size is suitable for large scale drawings.

✬ Describe the details of the paintings accurately.

✬ Suitable for both oil and acrylic colors.

the design :

This brochure is made of 10 sheets of durable and bright white canvas, and it is made of pure and natural cotton. The premium canvas brochure is designed to match various colors, whether it is oil or acrylic.

How to use :

This brochure is used for drawing large canvases, as well as small ones alike, and it is easy to use many different colors and takes many different layers of them.

8.10 USD
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4 months ago


لجين البار

5 months ago

ممتازة انصح فيها


فاطمة الاسمري

7 months ago

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وسن علي

11 months ago

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