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A4 visual journal brochure

Strathmore Visual Journals

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Strathmore's Visual Journal | Strathmore® Visual Journals

Product Description:

Strathmore's Visual Journal Notebook contains 34 white sheets of 100% cotton, 190g thick, and is suitable for a variety of wet and dry media.

Product Features:

Watercolor, acrylic, ink, markers, lead, charcoal, collage and other media, you can use it on the paper of this wonderful notebook, its white pages are the perfect place to mix a variety of media on it, it has a spiral wire that makes use of every part of the paper possible and it has an attractive cover Hand-painted, 100% cotton and acid-free.

Product details:

Number of sheets: 34 sheets.

Paper colour: white.

Paper thickness: 190 grams.

Paper Size: A4

Colors that can be used with the brochure:

  • water colors
  • acrylic
  • ink
  • Markers
  • Lead
  • wooden pens
  • pastel
  • coal
  • collage

Brand: Strathmore

22.95 USD
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