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acrylic cleaner

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Shinhan Art Paint Cleaner | Remover brush cleaning and removing for acrylic color

Shinhan Art Paint Cleaner is a very important and indispensable product in drawing tools. Color attached to it, such as the palette, the drawing stand, and others.

✬ Product volume: Product volume is up to 200 ml.

Color: Acrylic Paint Cleaner has a translucent white color to erase all stains from painting paints on all different surfaces.

✬ Number of pieces: one piece.

Product Description :

Painters suffer from deformation of the brightest and their drawing tools while painting, which of course will take a lot of trouble to remove but with a dedicated paint cleaner, so it is much easier and no need to worry.

Basic product specifications:

Paint Cleaner has a number of special features that make it the best and the choice of all painters as a paint cleaner for their drawing tools, and these specifications are as follows:

√ Intended for removing acrylic colors.

This cleaner is designed to perfectly rid surfaces and special brushes used in painting from impurities and traces of color, which is used with acrylic paints in particular.

How to use :

Use this paint cleaner by pouring some onto paintbrushes or wiping paint-covered surfaces with an old piece of cloth.

Product Features:

Our product has a set of unique features, which are indispensable for anyone who loves to draw, and these features are as follows:

✬ Cleans paints efficiently without leaving any stains on paint surfaces and brushes.

✬ Its size is large enough for very long periods.

✬ Professionally removes acrylic colors.

✬ Contains no chemicals, making it highly efficient in removing paint from any surface.

✬ Safe to use.

✬ Does not require effort to remove paints.

✬ Paint stains can be removed from any surface of any type.

✬ Made of high quality material.

✬ Easy to use.

Product Type : Shinhan Art Acrylic Paint Cleaner.

Brand: Shinhan Art.

Country of Origin: South Korea .

8.10 USD
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