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Acrylic color set 12pcs

6.75 USD

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A set of acrylic paints from Cape Smiling | Acrylic color set by keepSmiling

Product Description :  

A set of acrylic colors from the brand Keep Smiling The box contains 12 tubes of acrylic colors, a palette to combine colors, 3 coloring brushes, in addition to a sponge.

Product Features:

  • The box contains 12 of the finest acrylic shades in which to create vibrant art paintings.
  • The box is made of cardboard that is portable and easy to move around and can be placed inside your handbag or travel bag.
  • Excellent to use for artists, novice acrylic painters, and hobbyists who prefer acrylic colors in their art design.
  • Attached with the color box is a palette in white to combine colors with it.
  • In addition, there are three paint brushes of different sizes and sizes, and the brushes have soft bristles.
  • It also comes with the colors, a piece of soft sponge that can be used to apply color, paint some areas and give the paintings a beautiful and wonderful effect.
  • The sponge can also be used to clean brushes and remove excess color residue.
  • Keep Smiling Acrylic colors are characterized by multiple stable and strong tones that give your paintings an aesthetic and natural appearance.
  • Acrylic colors are suitable for beginner painters as they are easy to use.
  • The brush hair is soft and easy to use.
  • One of a kind brushes with a tapered surface for drawing and coloring small and delicate areas.
  • The other two brushes have a wide flat surface that enables users to paint large areas and backgrounds.
  • Colors can be mixed with each other using the palette and get additional wonderful colors.
  • Can be used with A3 watercolor sketchbook .  
  • Also can be used with Star notebook .

Product details:

Number of colors: 12 colors.

Tube capacity: 12ml.

Number of brushes: 3 soft brushes.

Color mixing palette: White plastic palette.

Sponge piece.  

Brand: Cape Smiling.

Country of Manufacture: China.

6.75 USD
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