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Acrylic colors 6 colors with a medium

31.05 USD

Acrylic color palette from Lefranc Bourjois | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS ACRYLIC SET

Acrylic colors 6 colors with a mediator It is a set of acrylic colors from LEFRANC BOURGEOIS ACRYLIC SET, these colors are used to draw prominent and clear lines on the paintings, preferred by professional painters to produce a very beautiful and beautiful painting, with a transparent glossy lacquer from   lefranc bourgeois To give it a flawless finish.

Product details

Product Type : Tubular acrylic colors.

Number of colors: six colors.

Available colors: Yellow - red - blue - orange - black - white.

Color capacity : 20ml.

Attachments : There is an intermediate set for the acrylic set.

Medium capacity : 120ml.

Brand : Lefranc Bourgeois.

Country of Manufacture : France.

Basic information and specifications about colors:

  • This set contains six different colors of acrylic that are delicate and beautiful.
  • Acrylic colors are characterized by the softness of their texture, and this facilitates the process of drawing prominent lines and adding wonderful effects to the paintings.
  • Comes with a medium for acrylic colors.
  • The tint of these colors is high and is characterized by its quality, which makes the graphics very beautiful.
  • The texture of acrylic paints is heavy, and its texture is thick, which improves brush strokes and produces the best drawings and paintings.
  • Colors dry quickly and this keeps the image from distorting.
  • This group contains super beautiful colors such as yellow, red, blue, orange, black and white.
  • It is characterized by its high resistance against external factors, and this is due to the fact that its formula hardens quickly.
  • Acrylic colors are unaffected by water and oil and are non-flammable.
  • It is used to color many colors of surfaces such as walls, cardboard, wood panels, concrete and bricks.

Basic information and specifications about the broker from Lefranc Burgess:

Product Description :

Transparent liquid varnish is evenly distributed on the plate to give a satin glossy effect to the plate.

Product Features:

This product is characterized by its ability to protect the painting from dirt, dust and water, so the painting will not be exposed to fading or damage over time. This product will serve the purpose of protecting the painting and will give it a distinctive gloss and luster, used with acrylic and vinyl colors

You can also get the mediator separately with a capacity of 250 ml through the following link:

31.05 USD
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