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Acrylic colors Van Gogh 10 colors

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Acrylic paint set from Van Gogh | VAN GOGH ACRYLIC COLOR

Product Description:

A set of 10 shades of acrylic from Van Gogh, with which you can create other shades.

Product Features:

These paints are made of high quality pigments, the color can be applied directly from the tube or diluted with water, due to its quick drying it is easy to paint a painting in many layers in a short time. Its density is high so it is ideal for high coverage, and it can also be diluted with water and become less dense. It tolerates natural light without discoloration for a long period of time.

Product details:

  • Color Type: Acrylic Tubular.
  • Number of colors: 10.
  • Capacity: 40ml.
  • Brand: Van Gogh.
  • Made in the Netherlands.

40.23 USD
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