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Acrylic paints 12 colors from Daler Rooney

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Acrylic paints by Daler Rooney | DALER ROWNEY

Acrylic colors 12 colors from Daler Rooney is a group of colors in different and wonderful degrees, and this type of color is characterized by its softness, and its wonderful effect that increases the beauty of the painting.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This product contains 12 acrylic colors that give the painting a wonderful final effect that increases the beauty of the painting and draws attention to it.
  • Different shades of colors from each other, and is characterized by its soft texture.
  • Acrylic colors help painters draw different effects, and prominent and visible lines on the paintings.
  • This type of paint dries quickly and this protects the paintings from distortion.
  • This group is characterized by its color stability, so it is not affected by external factors such as dirt, dust, water and others.
  • It is characterized by its superior ability to stick to paper, which makes it stable and does not change and does not yellow as soon as it passes on the natural external factors.
  • Acrylic paints are anti-oxidation and degrading, so we find them stable in places where the light enters.
  • In the case of using this type of color, you do not need to spray it with a glossy or transparent varnish, because it is in nature of glossy colors.

Product details

Product Type : Acrylic colours.

Colors: tubular in shape.

Number of colors: 12 colors in different shades of acrylic colors.

Color Capacity: 12ml.

Brand: Daler Rooney.

country of origin : England.

10.53 USD
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