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Adjustable drawing stand

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Drawing stand.

Product Description :

One of the best drawing tools for artists, a controllable drawing stand that holds up to approximately 120 cm.

Product Features:

  • A drawing stand is one of the best artist drawing tools that all great painters or even beginners need.
  • The wood from which the stand is made of durable wood.
  • The stand consists of three legs of wood that can hold paintings of different sizes.
  • The presence of the stand and being considered one of the best drawing tools contributes to the stability of the board well, which gives you ease of use.
  • The stand is a lightweight drawing tool that can be carried anywhere and can be stored easily.
  • One of its advantages is that it is not subject to breakage due to the hardness and strength of the wood it is made of.
  • The color of the wood is what distinguishes the drawing stand.
  • The stand is designed with a set of black screws that keep it from breaking or falling off the stand during drawing.
  • Canvas or paper plates can be used on the drawing stand.
  • The drawing stand has a leather strap that can be easily folded and stored anywhere.
  • It has a piece of wood in the form of a shelf in which you can put the used drawing tools and brushes.
  • It is considered to be the best choice for beginner painters.

Painting Dimensions: Holds up to 120 cm approx.

Colors that can be used with the painting:

  • Oil colors can be used with the drawing stand.
  • Acrylic colors are used with this stand.
47.25 USD
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ساره الرشيدي

6 months ago



Sahar Altalhi

9 months ago

روووووعه لمساتكم واااضحه خاصة الكلام الي تكتبونه ع الغلاف شكرااا لكم ❤️❤️


Shoug Ali

9 months ago

جميل وميزته يتقصر ويتطول عالطول الي تبين


زهور الحربي

11 months ago

أخيرا تجرأت واشتريت ستاند الرسم 💯... اعجبت بكل تفاصيله (الرف الصغير + امكانية تعديل المقاس + لونه الخشبي)

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