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Art Rangers Water Colors 24 Colors

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Art Rangers Watercolor 24 Colors | Art Rangers water


Basic information about the product:

✬ 24 tube watercolors, have proper fluidity and bright colors, you can mix the colors to get any color you want, suitable for both beginners and students of painting.

Product Contents:

✬ 24 tubular watercolors.

✬ 12ml capacity.

✬ Its quality is high.

✬ Suitable for beginners.

Product Description :

✬ We offer you the Art Rangers colors with their wonderful design, which makes them always distinct, as they resist water, in addition, one of their most important characteristics is the speed of drying, as they are distinguished by their brilliant colors, which are specially made to give an attractive effect on the viewer, due to the degree of purity of these water colors and their single gradation, in addition to that they mix Beautifully and this makes it give an impressive color diversity, which makes you see a distinct natural painting that attracts the eye to it and makes something of the magic of nature, and then it is able to help you to produce a lively painting with its gradation of colors and purity that distinguishes it, and therefore it is suitable for beginners and drawing students.

product specification :

✬ These watercolors come from Art Rangers, which makes them one of the best watercolors ever, as they give luster and attraction to the viewer, thanks to their purity, which makes them give a wonderful color value in all nature topics, as well as silent nature, plants and flowers because of their high purity, transparency and suggestions. Light and shadows, not only in all the subjects of nature, but also give a distinct painting in drawing people, which puts you in front of a vivid picture with all its details.

✬ We find that it contains 24 watercolor tubes with a capacity of 12 ml, enjoying high purity, because it belongs to the Art Rangers group, and then we find it perfectly suitable for beginners as it helps to produce a vivid image in all its details, and then we recommend using it in addition to that it also helps drawing enthusiasts in The production of a natural painting, and accordingly, these watercolors are used in advertising topics, due to their unaffected by all weather factors, and also used in printing and drawing on wood, metal, cloth, and so on.

Features :

✬ The purity of its colors that makes it distinct

✬ These colors are gradual to each other, which makes us in front of a vivid image with all its meanings

✬ Its distinctive design, which is placed in tubes, distinguishes it from others

✬ These water colors are multiple and mixed together, where the capacity of each color is 12 ml.

✬ It is recommended to use these colors for beginners because of its ease of use

✬ It is also recommended for drawing enthusiasts, as it gives the painting a spirit of living nature.

These watercolors offered by Art Rangers are among the best types of watercolors, as they are made of the best and finest materials, and their colors are varied and gradual to give them fluidity, in addition to their clear purity, and therefore they are suitable for painting enthusiasts and beginners, as they are considered the auxiliary weapon to produce a vivid image.

How to use :

√ You press the tube to get the colors out of the tubes and they are used on the whiteboard, using a special paintbrush. The colors can be mixed with each other to give the desired color, and they are dried with water when coloring as needed.

the size :

These colors provided by Art Rangers are distinguished by their appropriate size, as they contain 24 watercolor colors, each tube of these colors has a capacity of 12 ml, and therefore it is easy to carry and use and can continue with you for many times, due to its high quality.

the design : 

✬ These watercolors are specially designed to suit those with fine taste, as they give the painting a kind of vitality when used, which makes it superior to others and suits beginners and distinguished drawing enthusiasts in their work, as using them makes us in front of a speaking image and therefore it is the most appropriate choice.

Manufacturer: Art Rangers.

9.99 USD
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