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Assorted brush set

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Product Type :

Zorro Paint Brushes | ZORO Brush value pack

Basic information and specifications about the product:

This distinguished set of brushes has special specifications that will be the perfect choice for drawing your paintings, and these specifications are as follows:

✬ It consists of 7 brushes of different sizes and sizes.

✬ Enjoy soft bristles.

✬ Suitable for different colors of oil, acrylic, and water.

The bristles are dense. 

Handle color: wooden.

✬ Brand: ZORO.

Product Description :

A variety of high quality brushes consisting of 7 pieces of different sizes and lengths, they have soft and dense bristles that help carry the right amount of water and color, suitable for water, oil and acrylic colors.

So if you are looking for the best paint brushes used with different types of colors, that last for long periods and enjoy high materials and different sizes and suit all types of paintings, Zorro's distinctive and well-made brushes will be the most suitable for you to be able to draw your paintings with appropriate quality.

the design :

These wonderful brushes are designed with soft and dense bristles to withstand watercolors, as well as designed in their luxurious wooden color to suit the talents of the painter. They are light and easy to use. They also come with 7 brushes of different sizes to draw all the dimensions and details of the painting.

Product Contents:

A set of soft-bristled and dense brushes, which are suitable for many types of colors, whether water, oil or acrylic.

the color :

The set of brushes has a distinctive color, which is the elegant wooden color that indicates elegance and luxury.

How to use :

These premium brushes are used with all kinds of different colors, making them easy to use.

Product Features:

These brushes from Zorro have a number of countless advantages, which are as follows:

✬ It has soft and dense bristles to hold the largest amount of different watercolors.

✬ It can be cleaned easily.

✬ It comes in a large number of different sizes and sizes, which help in drawing all the minute details and large areas alike.

It matches all kinds of colours.

✬ Helps distribute colors without leaving traces of colors that distort the painting.

✬ Made of smooth wood material and color that is easy to use and control.

trade mark :

visit .

country of origin :

France .

5.13 USD
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