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beveled brush set

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Product Type :

Zorro Beveled Paint Brushes | ZORO Brush value pack

Basic information and specifications about the product:

The product consisting of paint brushes has special specifications, as follows:

✬ It has 7 pieces of brushes of different lengths and sizes.

It has soft bristles and thick bristles.

✬ Suitable for oil, acrylic and watercolor colors.

Handle color: wooden.

✬ Brand: ZORO.

Product Description :

A high quality beveled brush set consisting of 7 pieces of different sizes and lengths, it has soft and dense bristles that help hold the right amount of water and color, suitable for water, oil and acrylic.

The painter is always looking for the best brushes used in drawing because they want to highlight their paintings and make them appear professionally, especially the painter who draws paintings of different types of colors, so we were able to provide them with a distinctive set of brushes to draw paintings of all kinds of colors without obstacles in that.

the design :

These brushes are designed with soft bristles to handle watercolor and acrylic, as well as heavy-duty oil, and come with a wonderful wooden handle that is easy to use.

Product Contents:

This set consists of a number of beveled brushes from the famous brand Zorro.

the color :

The set of brushes from Zorro for painting has long, wooden handles of varying sizes.

How to use :

This set of brushes is used with oil, watercolor and acrylic colors to draw the most beautiful paintings.

Product Features:

This excellent set of brushes has the following features:

✬ Brushes have soft and thick hair that accepts the heaviness and thickness of oil colors, as well as watercolors.

✬ Their sizes vary, which helps in drawing paintings with fine and small details.

✬ Large brushes can be used to paint large details.

✬ Used with different types of colors.

✬ Helps in integrating colors on the painting, thus leaving no trace on the painting.

✬ This set of brushes can be used as a gift for painting lovers.

✬ Its prices are not exorbitant compared to its excellent quality.

✬ Not available in the same quality in other stores in the market.

trade mark :

Zoro - Zoro.

country of origin :

France .

5.13 USD
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رهام العمرو

2 months ago


أسماء القحطاني

10 months ago

فخمه فخمه فخمه الواحد مايندم انه اشترى مره تجننننن


Real Vi

11 months ago

ممتازة من ناحية الشعر والطول استخدمتها للاكريلك وعجبتني مره


يارا يارا

11 months ago

اجمللللللل فرش سلسه وغير كذا دقيقه جدا جدا جدا

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