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Big Size Amad Agenda

26.73 USD

Amad's Diary 2021 (1442 AH - 1443 AH) is more than an annual agenda, because it plays the role of your personal life coach, as you clearly disclose to it your inner self to help you reach an integrated and balanced life system that contains habits and goals that will lead you to what you desire.

You need Amad Notebook if you want:

  • Have a balanced lifestyle.
  • Realize your dreams by turning them into goals.
  • Understand yourself.
  • Introduce new habits into your day.
  • Raise your achievements.
  • inspiration.
  • Develop yourself.

Designed for you with depth and love to combine annual, monthly, weekly and daily planning to be your companion in achieving your goals! Where you will find motivating and inspiring messages that push you forward to achieve everything you wish for!

The notebook is available in small size in several colors (black, white, navy, camel, olive)

Additional Notepad Contents:

  • Gift card.
  • A4 wall calendar.
  • attachments .

product specification:

  • Eco-friendly and high quality leather.
  • Leaves can be added and removed according to your need.
  • 12 thick monthly divider sheets.
  • Small pockets for cards.
  • Large pocket.
  • pen holder.
  • Creamy paper of high quality and eye-pleasing color.
  • Paper Size: A5.
  • Paper weight: 80 gsm.

Color details:

Outside: white leather | Inside: beige fabric.

Outside: camel leather | Inside: beige fabric.

Oil color: outside: olive leather | Inside: olive leather.

26.73 USD
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