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book how to draw anime

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How To draw anime book

It is a book to learn to draw anime. The painter @ bluemerry04 wrote this book because there are many requests who would like to learn drawing, but I said that there are books to learn anime in Arabic, the painter @ bluemerry04 decided that she is working on this book. There is an Arabic version of it to make it easier for everyone to understand, as the popular anime books on the market are written in English and Japanese, which are difficult for Arabs to understand. As far as I know, not everyone is proficient in English and Japanese. From here my idea was to produce this book to make it easier for everyone to learn.

Basic information about the book

The first part of the book explains the method of drawing in detail, it explains how to draw the anime head and body, and explains how to draw anime characters and funny chibi characters that all children love, and the book contains some wonderful drawings written by bluemerry 04.

Book Features

  • Explains how to learn to draw step by step.
  • The book is written in Arabic, making it easy for anyone to read and understand.
  • It is the beginning of learning to draw in a good way.
  • The book method is suitable for all levels.
  • The book cannot be printed.
  • The book is characterized as carrying a comprehensive explanation of all the ways to draw anime in a simple and easy way.
  • The book contains three chapters, and contains more than a hundred lessons

Basic details about the book

  • Book size: 7.5 * 10 inches.
  • Number of pages of the book: 142 pages.

26.73 USD 32.40 USD
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