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Brilliant medium by Lefranc Burgess

9.45 USD

Brilliant medium by Lefranc Burgess | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS GLOSS PAINTING MEDIUM

Mediator Metallic of Afrank Bourgeois used to keep the colors of paintings and drawings, but it gives the appearance of a wonderful and shiny and attractive paintings, because he is a high - gloss, it is one of the best media used in the art of drawing.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This medium is intended for oil colors, as it is one of the finest types of media that gives oil colors a wonderful softness, making them easy to use.
  • It is distinguished by its high glossiness, which gives the paintings a glossy and attractive appearance.
  • This liquid is kept in a container made of glass to preserve its quality.
  • This fluid is the perfect and perfect choice for every artist looking for an oily medium with a high gloss finish.
  • In the event that the colors of the painting are faded, the use of this medium has the ability to restore the luster and luster of these colors.
  • This medium helps to mix and extend colors with each other with ease, and makes the colors easy to use.
  • This medium helps lighten oil colors because it has a high density, which makes it easier to use.
  • When the medium is added to colors, it makes the graphics become more in depth, look great and attract all eyes to it.

Product details

Product Type : High-gloss oily medium.

capacity Product : 75 ml.

color Medium : light yellow, and when used and after it dries completely, the yellow color turns into a transparent color.

Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois.

Country of Manufacture: France .

9.45 USD
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