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cactus notebook

6.48 USD

Cactus notebook

Product Description :

  Aloe Vera lined notebook approximately 150 pages from Prima brand.

Product Features:  

  • The notebook has a distinctive shape with pictures of cactus plants.
  • Prima is one of the best brands specialized in the manufacture of star or lined notebooks .
  • The shape of the notebook is great and suitable for writing memories and notes with it.
  • It can be presented as a valuable gift to all friends and close ones, it is indeed a valuable gift.
  • But the aesthetic shape of the cactus notebook makes it a good gift for connoisseurs of good taste.
  • You can write and take notes with it using colored bunny ink pens.
  • The notebook is light in weight and small in size, so it can be carried easily in a handbag.
  • Suitable for children in school to take notes with the teacher.
  • The notebook has an attractive design that can be used by girls or boys.
  • This type of notebook allows you to use pastel pencils not only for writing and jotting, but also for drawing and shading.
  • If you are looking for excellence in taking notes or identifying drawings, you can also use cactus pens that bear the same picture of the notebook in the form of a cactus plant.
  • The color of the outer cover of the cactus notebook is white and the colors of the cactus in it are green.

Product details:  

Notebook type: lined notebook.

Paper Quantity: 150 pages approximately.

Paper colour: white pages.

Notebook size: 19 cm x 25 cm.

Brand: Prima.

6.48 USD
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