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Canson Arafat brochure A4

4.32 USD

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Canson® Drawing Dessin 180gsm

This brochure is excellent for sketches, because of the white paper color and the thickness of the paper to reflect professional results, and this brochure is made in Saudi Arabia with the permission of the French Canson company, and the paper is imported from Canson, of course.

  • Paper color/white
  • Paper thickness/ 180g
  • Number of Papers/ 14 Pages
  • Size: 21 x 29.7 cm, equivalent to A4 size
  • wire brochure
  • Made in Saudi Arabia

Also, this brochure is suitable for the following types of drawing:

  • the pencils
  • pens and charcoal cutters
  • wooden colors
4.32 USD
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