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Canson Gold Mix Media A4 Notebook

8.64 USD

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Canson Gold Notebook | canson gold drawing .

Information and specifications of the Canson Arafat gold brochure:

This booklet made from Alcanson enjoy a number of specifications, which are the following:

brochure type: Canson brochure.

paper color: white.

paper thickness: up to 320 grams.

Number of papers: It consists of 12 sheets of strong canson.

Paper Size: Booklet size is up to A4 .

Product introduction:  

Drawing has its own tools and paintings that are used, but there are also many miniature paintings used in drawing, which are the distinctive Canson papers that are used in drawing the most wonderful artistic and aesthetic paintings, which accept all kinds of colors, making it one of the most used papers in drawing.

The Canson Arafat Gold brochure has thick paper and a smooth surface that can be used with multiple media.

Features of Canson Mix Media Gold Notebook:

This golden notebook made of strong and durable Canson paper, which can be used for more than one purpose for drawing, has the following advantages:

✬ From the brochures that are used for multiple purposes and uses.

✬ can be used Alcanson in drawing all the beautiful paintings using various colors easily without any obstacle, they are used with watercolor, oil and colors, the colors of acrylic, gouache, and with the colors of wood, lead, and coal with ease.

✬ It consists of many sheets of strong canson that can withstand different layers of colors without being affected by stains or others.

The thickness of the paper is durable, making it compatible with all types of watercolors and more.

✬ The surface of the paper is smooth, and the colors can be moved over it smoothly.

✬ The brochure can be used by experienced and beginners alike.

✬ The canson brochure has a large size that allows drawing large and small paintings.

✬ It can be a great gift for painting lovers.

Canson is one of the world's finest materials used in painting at all.

How to use the Canson Mix Media Brochure:

  This brochure is used for drawing distinctive paintings , but in small sizes, and it is   Suitable for use with:


Gouache colors.

Acrylic colors.

Charcoal and lead pens.


Wooden colors.

trade mark :


the manufacture company :

The parent company and the manufacturer is Canson .

country of origin :

France .

8.64 USD

ريم اليامي

10 months ago

جربتها للمائي حلوه تتحمل


زهور الحربي

11 months ago

الفخامة كلها في كراسة كانسون الذهبية 💕... جذابة جداً بتغليفها الذهبي تعطي للرسم حقه في الهيبة والأهمية... ورقها ناعم وسميك ومناسب لوسائط متعددة (المائي الاكريلك الغواش الفحم والرصاص...)... انصح فيها 👍


أميره الحربي

1 year ago

مررره اوراقها سميكه وتنفع للمائي اكثر حبيت 🥺😢💕

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