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Canson mixing palette A4

Canson Disposable Palette

17.55 USD

Canson® Disposable Palette

This brochure is a palette for mixing paint colors.

Farewell to cleaning the palette. This pamphlet contains a set of papers made of a surface treated with plastic, which gives a soft and comfortable blending effect, and heavy paper to prevent oils and colors from overcoming it, and the paper can be disposed of after using it.

  • Pre-punched thumbtack paper
  • Number of Papers/ 40 Pages
  • Size/ 22.9 x 30.5 cm which is very close to A4 size

Also, this brochure (pallet) is suitable for paint colors in general, for example /

  • succulent water time
  • acrylic colors
  • oil colors
  • fabric colors
  • poster colors
  • gouache colors
  • Oils and solutions

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17.55 USD
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