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Canson oil book

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Canson XL Notebook | Canson XL oil & acrylic

The XL booklet from Canson is specially made for acrylic and oil colors, as its paper is characterized by durability and therefore has the ability to absorb oil colors easily, which increases the beauty and splendor of the painting.

Product details

paper color: White.

Number of papers: 30 sheets.

fish: 290 grams .

Paper Size: A4 .

trade mark : Canson .

Colors that can be used with the brochure: Oil and acrylic colors.

paper type: Soft and hot compress.

The brochure size: 21 * 29.7 cm.

Country of Manufacture: France.

Basic product information and specifications

  • The brochure papers are distinguished by their bright white color, which makes the colors and graphics more clear.
  • Its papers are characterized by their durability and thickness, which makes them able to absorb several layers of oil colors, acrylic colors, absorb moisture without leaving any traces on the paper.
  • The size of the booklet is suitable as it helps painters to draw small details.
  • The brochure has paper that has the ability to absorb color and media.
  • The painter can erase the colors more than once without causing any distortion in the paper and drawings.
  • The outer cover of the booklet is thick, which makes it comfortable for users while drawing.
  • The brochure is suitable for all types of drawing.
  • Brochure paper is easy to cut.
  • The brochure paper is held together by a wire, making it easier to move between pages with ease.
12.15 USD
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