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Canvas board size 20 x 30 cm

6.48 USD

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Information on canvas size 20x30 cm

✬ Painters and talented people are looking for the best drawing boards to apply their drawings perfectly. The luxury and design of the painting is the most important factor for the success of the drawing and to show its small and distinctive details. The higher the quality of the painting, the more it shows the beauty of the details. If you are looking for a painting with such specifications, of course not You have a choice but to choose the wonderful and world-renowned Canvas painting, as it is one of the most important and well-known drawing tools used.

The canvas is 100% cotton, it is excellently made from Cavans with its great size, it is almost ideal for owners of fine art paintings with a tight and smooth wooden back frame because it is coated with a super-soft gesso material.

product specification :

✬ When we talk about high-quality and high-quality paintings, of course, we stand in front of the best types of paintings used in painting at all, it is the charming canvas painting, which has the following specifications:

♥ Its fabric is made of pure cotton.

Canvas is characterized by a thickness of 280 grams.

♥ The framed board is made of wood.

Tighten at the back with strong pins.

Coated with gesso, which gives the plate a luster that makes it shining.

Product Features:

✬ Canvas painting for drawing has several advantages that make it always the first choice among similar types in the market.

Made of cotton, which makes it more distinctive, because with this material the colors will be saturated, and thus will not distort or damage the drawing.

Made of a very strong and unbreakable wood frame to be able to stretch and compress the fabric well.

Coated with a hardened lacquer that makes the wood significantly more shiny and smoother.

Compatible with various colors such as acrylic and oil colors.

√ The colors are well saturated and absorbed.

This type of painting is very suitable for painters who care about the smallest details in painting, as it will help them in drawing the painting in an aesthetic and artistic way.

Its thickness is suitable for drawing, it is not completely thin, but its thickness makes it easier to draw.

Easy to use by professionals, as well as beginners.

Well stretched, thus you get a great flawless board.

Suitable for using acrylic colors

Suitable for using oil colors

number of components:

✬ This product consists of one piece, which is a high-quality and well-made canvas.

the design :

✬ The perfect canvas and the world-famous brand are designed with a pure cotton fabric that is well tightened with back pins to press the fabric strongly so that it does not sag.

Usage tips:

✬ You must first make sure of the cotton cloth material, and that it is tightened well so as not to cause the painting to sag, and then distort the drawing or cause damage to it.

Product type: Canvas board size 20 x 30 cm

Manufacturer: The manufacturer and the original headquarters of such a brand are Canvas.

Country of Origin: The mother country and manufacturer of this brand and the company's headquarters is Italy.

Brand: Canvas.

Customer reviews:

Excellent material panel showing graphic details.

  It accepts all colors, making it easy to use.

⋆ Strongly stretched, ensuring its quality.

Its great canvas does not crack or damage graphics.

6.48 USD

ريناد المطيري

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Shoug Ali

8 months ago

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Raghad Rajeh

1 year ago


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