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Canvas board size 30x40cm

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Information on canvas size 30x40cm

When drawing distinguished artistic paintings, talented people often look for the best paintings suitable for their art and great talent, to reflect and express the aspects of their inner personality, through drawing, so when the painter chooses to draw, he looks for paintings with high-quality materials undoubtedly so as not to distort the drawings. Drawing is a fine art that only professionals choose, so we offer you a unique canvas made of wonderful, flexible and tightly stretched cotton with a distinctive and smooth back wooden frame, and coated with the distinctive gesso material that gives the canvas surface brightness and smoothness.

Product Description :

Cotton Canvas with its very perfect size for owners of art paintings, as it is a large and distinctive canvas that can draw a large canvas full of details and beauty at the same time.

Panel Specifications:

The world-famous canvases are distinguished as the best in painting among other types and various brands, because they are characterized by very special specifications, as they are characterized by the following:

The wonderful canvas is made of natural cotton, which is one of the world's finest materials used for painting.

Stretched by a frame made of wood.

Coated with premium gesso, which adds extra softness to the canvas.

Thickness up to 280g.

Canvas paintings are characterized by being suitable for the use of acrylic colors.

Various colors can also be used, such as oil colors.

Features :

Canvas is distinguished by its unique features among the various drawing boards on the market, which are greatly distinguished from them, as it is characterized by the following features:

Being made of pure and natural cotton makes it extremely easy to use and smoother.

Suitable for various colors of acrylic and oil colors.

Saturates and absorbs colors and thus does not cause damage or distortion in the painting.

Well stretched, to let you draw with great efficiency.

Excellently stretched, so it does not sag.

Its wood frame is coated with gesso material which makes the painting smooth and bright.

Its size is very suitable for drawing an aesthetic painting.

the ingredients :

The distinguished Canvas panel product consists of one panel of pure cotton from the world famous brand Canvas.

the design :

✬ The canvas from Canvas comes to people who love to draw, this painting is suitable for painters who have a very good taste, it is designed from authentic cotton and surrounded by a well-made wood frame and perfectly coated with gesso, which gives it a distinctive softness.

Usage tips:

Make sure that its canvas is perfectly stretched, because the stretched canvas helps highlight the drawings and place their aesthetic and artistic aspects. The flabby canvas distorts the painting and distorts its details, and this is one of the most important basics that painters care about.

Product Type : Canvas size 30 x 40 cm.

the manufacture company : Canvas is the manufacturer of this brand.

Country of Origin: The country of origin, origin and headquarters of the manufacturer of this brand is Italy.

Brand: Canvas.

Customer reviews:

⋆ One of the finest fabrics ever.

Made of high-quality materials and fine details.

⋆ Strongly tensioned with back pins that prevent sagging.

Very easy to use.

⋆ Its fabric is premium and durable and cannot be cut or scratched.

7.83 USD
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