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Canvas board size 40x50cm

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Product information on canvas 40x50 cm:

When we talk about works of art, the first thing that comes to our mind is the use of high-quality materials and raw materials, and the paintings used in painting are one of the most important factors for the success of the artwork, so we must focus on choosing the finest and most appropriate types of paintings, and for this reason, the choice of painters should be canvases known for their quality It is made of pure cotton, which is the best material for drawing for its ease and softness, and it is perfectly stretched on a strong wooden board to highlight the colors and sides of the painting .

Product Description :

100% cotton canvas, characterized by its excellent size, suitable for drawing a large canvas, and it is distinguished by a wooden outer frame back tightened to press the plate coated with gesso paint and gives the surface of the canvas smoother and brighter.

product specification :

This canvas from Canvas is characterized by the specifications of the perfect painting completely, it is a painting characterized by the features that any painter needs in his paintings, it has the following specifications:

Made of 100% pure cotton.

♥ It has a thickness of 280 grams.

Stretched by a sturdy wood frame.

Painted and coated with gesso, which gives the frame a complete softness.

Suitable for the use of acrylic colors.

Suitable for using assorted oil colors.

Features :

This unique canvas from Canvas is characterized by features that make it one of the best options available for painters and very talented people, as it is characterized by the following features:

The painting is made of pure cotton, and therefore it is easy to use and draw on it.

It is characterized by the tensile strength of the panel and the canvas with modern machines without affecting the canvas or exposing it to cuts or cracks.

Coated with a strong gesso coating that gives the board an enchanting softness and smoothness.

Fit different colors, which does not make them an obstacle to drawing.

Suitable for oil and acrylic colors.

Strongly pinched at the back to prevent sagging and cracking of the fabric.

Because of its pure and natural cotton material, it can absorb colors greatly, which greatly preserves the shape and beauty of the painting.

number of components:

This product consists of one panel of pure cotton, which is one of the best materials used for drawing.

the design :

✬ The distinctive canvas comes to you with a distinct design for professional painters and those with a high taste in drawing, it is a completely pure cotton canvas, which is surrounded by a strong and durable wooden frame and coated with excellent gesso, making the frame soft enough and tightened by strong tension machines.

Usage tips:

Before using canvas boards, make sure that the canvas is tight and strong, so as not to allow the canvas to sag and crack ink, which may negatively affect the beauty of the art painting and reduce its attractiveness.

Product Type : 100% cotton canvas size 40 x 50 cm.

Manufacturer: The principal and direct manufacturer of this brand is Canvas.

country of origin : The country of origin, origin and headquarters of the manufacturer of this brand is Italy.

Brand: Phoenix.

Customer reviews:

Canvas painting is one of the unique paintings used in drawing.

Fit many kinds of colors.

Made of the finest fabric, which is natural cotton.

Coated with high quality gesso material.

8.64 USD
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زهور الحربي

11 months ago

لوحة الكانفس الغنية عن التعريف 💯... جودة عالية وأسعار منافسة من ماركة عالمية واسم كل فنان يعرفه ✨


ماريه السلامة

11 months ago

من أفضل أنواع ماركات لوحات الكانفس كجوده رائعه وسعر ممتاز


H saud

11 months ago


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