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Canvas board size 50 x 70 cm

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Information on canvas size 50 x 70 cm

✬ Canvas painting is very distinctive with its very large size, it is the largest painting in sizes and sizes, it is suitable for painters who prefer painting in large sizes, and this painting is made of pure cotton and an external frame of wood back and stretched and coated with gesso soft to the touch, which gives it a shiny shape.

Product Description :

✬ When we talk about painting and artwork, the first thing that comes to our minds is the importance of choosing high-quality materials and tools, as it is one of the most important factors for the success of any artwork, so you should always focus on choosing the best types to get an artistic painting that draws attention and attracts viewers, if you are looking for a painting With such specifications, of course, you are in the right place in front of a distinguished canvas made of natural cotton and a shiny wooden frame that is soft to the touch.

product specification :

✬ Canvas is characterized by its ideal size and specifications that cannot be overlooked or compared to other panels on the market, as it has special specifications represented in the following:

Made of the finest quality materials, especially since it is made of pure cotton.

♥ It has a very sturdy wooden frame that can withstand the tension of the fabric.

Back pins to firmly set and tighten the fabric.

♥ The frame is coated with premium gesso paint, which makes the painting feel more smooth.

Acrylic and oil colors are used.


✬ Canvas painting has specifications and features that make this painting the choice of top professional painters for sure, because it is a unique painting characterized by countless advantages, which are represented in the following:

Featuring very excellent workmanship and sealing, it is pure cotton canvas.

Its board is very distinguished from the strongest wood materials to withstand the tension and adjustment of the cloth on it without being broken.

√ They are tightened with strong iron staples to perfectly compress the fabric.

√ Its paint is of the best material, the gesso that makes the wood look shiny and smooth.

Using the board is very easy.

Various colors can be used with this palette without being an obstacle to the painter.

√ It is preferable to use acrylic and oil colors.

√ It can accommodate a lot of details.

√ Highly absorbent colors, so it does not stain the painting.

Its thickness is good as it is 280 grams.

Suitable for acrylic paint.

Suitable for oil painting.

number of components:

✬ This product consists of one panel of pure cotton, which is one of the best materials used for drawing.

From the design:

✬ Canvas painting comes with a unique design and more than wonderful material to produce a distinguished painting full of talent and beauty, as it is designed with a natural cotton canvas and a wooden frame well coated with a soft gesso material.

Usage tips:

✬ Before using the painting, make sure that the painting is well tightened with pins to ensure that a perfect painting comes out free of errors, as the sagging of the canvas of the painting may negatively affect the quality and beauty of the final painting.

Product Type : Canvas 50x70 cm.

Manufacturer: The principal and direct manufacturer of this brand is Canvas.

Country of Origin: The country of origin, origin and headquarters of the manufacturer of this brand is Italy.

Brand: Canvas.

Customer reviews:

Canvas paintings are wonderful paintings, which give the viewer the impression that they are a three-dimensional painting.

⋆ Canvas panels are very suitable for the modern home.

⋆ They have a variety of sizes, and they are also thick.

11.34 USD
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