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character drawing book

22.95 USD

Character drawing book

Product Description :   

Character drawing book written by Kawthar Al-Zuwaid makes you get creative and practice the basics of drawing in a professional way.

Product Features:  

  • The book is characterized by the fact that it includes all parts of the body and positions, and there are empty boxes for training on each point.
  • Character Drawing Book is characterized by training you on the basics and distinctive facilitative methods of drawing.
  • All you need in this book is a pencil so you can get creative and sparkle.
  • Character drawing book explains to all users, especially beginners, what are the basics of drawing.
  • In drawing characters, you need a pencil, how to practice lines, and how to shade.
  • All these basics are found in the different pages of the book.
  • The character drawing book has a wire in the middle to make it easier for you to practice with the special fields.
  • The writer Kawthar Al-Zuwaid presented some common caveats and mistakes in drawing characters.
  • This brochure makes you a professional painter and artist even if you are still a beginner.
  • Some people when you want to buy books for drawing and arts, you can only find multi-language books.
  • But this type of brochures explains the methods of drawing professionally in Arabic in a clear and simple way.
  • Character drawing booklet by author Kawthar Al-Zuwaid contains detailed lessons through which you can draw correctly.
  • Moreover, the same page where the lessons details are located has a section where you can apply what you have learned.
  • The drawing paper of this type of booklet is qualified to apply drawings to it easily and in a proper manner.
  • It is an educational book and a drawing notebook in one.
  • You can learn to draw in the fastest time professionally through the character sketchbook.
  • Suitable to be used by children and adults.

Product details:  

Paper Count: 120+ pages.

Paper colour: white.


Paper Size:

  • Height 21 cm
  • Width 15.5 cm

Written by: Kawthar Al-Zuwaid

22.95 USD
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