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Clove oil mediator from Lefranc Bourjois

lefranc bourgeois

9.45 USD


Product Description :-

Clove oil medium from Lefranc Bourjois is one of the best media used to improve the fluidity of oil colors and protects the colors from the influence of external factors and keeps them moist as long as possible.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • Clove oil medium is characterized by keeping the colors pure and pure, giving them a wonderful luster and luster that increases the beauty of the paintings.
  • The primary use of this product is to improve the fluidity of oil colors and to prolong the drying process.
  • Clove oil medium helps the colors stay hydrated for as long as possible.
  • Store this medium in a glass case to preserve its quality.
  • In the case of combining light colors such as white with clove oil medium, it gives these colors a high percentage of purity and purity.
  • When combined with oil paints , this product dilutes their high intensity, making them easier to use for painting.
  • Clove oil medium increases the drying time of the colors on the paintings.
  • The color of this medium does not affect the colors of the paintings, but increases their glossiness, making them very beautiful.
  • The density of clove oil medium is suitable for the density of oil colours, making it the best medium for oil colours.

Product details

✬ Product type: A special medium for oil colors .

✬ Color of the medium : a transparent liquid with a yellowish tint.

✬ Product capacity : 75 ml.

✬ Brand : Lefranc Bourgeois.

✬ Country of Origin : France.

9.45 USD
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