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Color Touch Brooch 60 Colors Class B

175.50 USD 215.73 USD

Shinhan Art LAM Touch Brooch | touch brush twin markers shinhanart

Product Description:

Korean touch brooch, set B, 60 colors.

Product Features:

These pens have an alcohol-based basis and are quick drying, characterized by the abundance of colors and ease of use, it is possible to create multiple shades of the same color by creating layers of color, each pen contains two sides, one with a thin, hard brush, and the other with a wide, beveled brush for coloring large areas, suitable for fashion designers and architectural designers For manga artists.

Product details:

  • Number of colors: 60 colors.
  • Brand: Shinhan Art.
  • Country of Manufacture: Korea.
  • group B.
175.50 USD 215.73 USD
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