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Copic Sketch Colors 36 Colors

243 USD

Copic Sketch Pens | copy sketch


Product Description :  

A set of felt-tip paints from the Japanese brand COPIC contains 36 colors.


Product Features:

  • Copic Sketch pens are characterized by the fact that they have an alcohol basis and are also characterized by their quick drying, so you can enjoy an attractive and natural-colored palette.
  • Each pen has two sides, one with a flexible brush for coloring soft and delicate areas, and the other with a hard and beveled brush for coloring large areas.
  • The Copic Sketch pens set is characterized by the fact that it contains 36 colors of felt-tip in all grades of felt-tip colors, as it is characterized by its abundance of colors and ease of use and mixing.
  • It has been used since the 1990s by fashion designers, designers, architects and painters and has wowed the world with its beauty.
  • These pens are also a favorite of Japanese manga artists.
  • Multiple shades of the same color can be created by creating chromatic layers.
  • One color can give you 4 different shades when you color the same area and the same place.
  • Combine the effect of watercolor and computer color.
  • More than two colors can be mixed when filling the Copic Color Felt-Master Pen again.
  • Felt colors are used with wood, pastel and watercolor colors and give the user a wonderful look.
  • Any type of drawing paper can be used with it.
  • The colors are of high quality and give the user the ability to be creative and paint a lot of areas professionally.


Tips for using felt-tip paints from Copic Sketch

  • If you are not a professional in the field of drawing, do not paint large areas and start with small areas to benefit from the beauty of colors.
  • Coloring large areas needs to use and combine the mix of colors for an impressive image.


Product details:


  • Number of colors: The box contains 36 different colors.

  • Beveled/pointed tip type: The box contains more than one type of tip for coloring large areas with the wide beveled tip, and regular and smooth coloring with the pointed tip.

  • Alcohol/Water Based: This set is characterized by the fact that it has an alcohol basis, which makes it dry quickly.


  • Brand: Copic

  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
243 USD
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