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Copic Sketch Colors 72 Colors B

486 USD

Copic Sketch Colors | COPIC SKETCH B

Product Description :

A set of multi-colored pens from the Japanese brand Kubik Sketch, where the set consists of 72 colors in different degrees, which gives the painter and designer more space to express the drawing with the required accuracy and reach the degree he desires and gives the design the final natural shape as they are alcohol-based colors and fast drying, which helps the painter to Completing the design perfectly, Copic pens are designed with a geometric shape and two contrasting sides to suit different architectural designs and fashion.

Product Features:

  • A set of pens from the Copic brand, in 72 colors, that gives you many and varied degrees.
  • Premium pens with a quick-drying alcohol basis, making it easy to use.
  • The colors are packed in pens, which makes it easy to use in coloring for beginners and children and control the coloring of small areas
  • Colors are easy to use and you can mix colors together and get different shades.
  • Copic colors are characterized by the formation of multiple shades of the same color by forming multiple color layers, which facilitates re-coloring.
  • The most important thing about Copic Colors is that they are non-toxic and safe to use.
  • The pen is distinguished by the presence of two coloring sides, one in the form of a soft brush for easy coloring, and the other with a hard beveled brush for coloring large areas.
  • The many features of the Cubic Collection make it the ideal choice for fashion designers, architects and manga illustrators.

Number of colors: Group B consists of 72 different colors.

Brand: COPIC.

Country of Manufacture: Japan.

486 USD
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