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Copic Sketch Colors Skin Tones 12 colors

81 USD 94.50 USD

Copic Sketch Pens Skin Tones | copic sketching skin tone

Product Description :-

Skin color palette consisting of Japanese cuban felt colors with natural skin tones, specially designed to give your drawings artistic touches close to reality, it is the perfect choice for fashion designers, architectural designers and manga illustrators (drawn stories).

Product Features:-

  • These Copic Sketch colors are characterized by their accurate imitation of natural skin tones, which gives a good and close to reality impression of your drawings, as they are intended for skin tones.
  • It is also characterized by flexibility and ease of use and mixing them together to obtain multiple and different color gradations.
  • And because these colors dry quickly they make room for you to add, without fear or worry of marring your artwork.
  • Multiple shades of the same color can be created by creating chromatic layers.
  • The colors were produced by the Copic brand as it is one of the most popular brands in the colors of the felt, and is always the choice of professionals from artists and illustrators.

Copic colors:-

Copic paint contains 12 shades, so that each color in turn covers a degree of skin that you may need in your painting. In addition, it is possible to configure multiple shades of a single color through the formation of color layers, as well as mixing more than one color to give you new options.

Pen tip type:

Copic colors are double-headed pens. Each pen has two sides with a flexible, tapered brush for soft coloring and precise control of drawing fine and broad lines, and the other with a hard, beveled brush for coloring large areas.

Copic color base:

Copic Sketch colors have an alcohol basis that is quick drying, which gives you free space to move in your palette without fear of chaos and color overlapping, thus Copick colors guarantee you accurate drawings free of any errors.

trade mark :-

Copic brand.

Country of Manufacture:-


81 USD 94.50 USD
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