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Daler Rooney Wooden Colors 12 Colors

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Daler Rooney wooden pastel pens | DALER ROWNEY Artist pastel Pencil

Product Description :-

The Daller Money set of wooden colors is friendly to your children in developing their artistic talents, it is made of high quality environmentally friendly materials, and non-toxic materials so it is safe for the health of your children.

Product Features :-

  • Daler Rooney wooden colors are characterized by a variety of bright colors and multi-tones that give you a variety of options to produce your artwork as you want.
  • The colors come in a metal box which makes them easy to store and carry.
  • The wooden pastel pens are also distinguished by their high quality of material and the flexible safe use of them. Their pens are easy to sharpen and are also resistant to breaking.
  • Colors Dalr Rooney is characterized by a smooth and soft teeth, which in turn helps in drawing the fine details and coloring easily.
  • Daler Rooney Wood Colors are rich in color that are easy to blend to create new colors and various shades, and the colors feature oil-free and water-soluble pigments.
  • Colors are made by Daler Rooney, one of the most famous brands in the world of color, recommended by many artists and color experts.

Color type : Wooden pastel.

Number of Colors :- The colors come in a metal box containing 12 wooden pastel pens in multiple colors.

Brand :-   Dale Rooney.

Country of Manufacture :- England.

20.25 USD
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