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Desk calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, bathroom and Arabic word

18.63 USD

Desktop calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, Arabic bathroom and word is one of the most beautiful results for displaying the Gregorian and Hijri calendars for the year 2021 AD, and this calendar is creatively drawn and colored, its colors are inspired by the picturesque nature.

The desk calendar for the year 2021 AD is equipped with wonderful graphics of an Arabic bath and next to it a group of jasmine and bougainvillea roses, This result displays the Gregorian and Hijri calendar together. It encourages your child to look at it every day to know the calendar.

number of paper

The office result consists of 12 sheets, as each sheet contains the number of days of one month of the year, in addition to a small-sized notebook with the result consisting of 80 small-sized sheets.

paper color

The desk calendar for the year 2021 is distinguished by its wonderful and distinct colors, as the paper is colored in fuchsia, and part of the background is in yellow with some wonderful drawings of roses colored in red.

paper type

✬ The result paper is made of fine paper and hot pressing, and this paper is not made of tree paper, which makes the paper material and quality are high .

Paper size and thickness

✬ The office result paper is short, its size is 10.5cm x 29.7x6 , and the result weight is about 239g.

trade mark

Sen is one of the most famous international brands that the customer can get through the main supporter store for art and artists.FRAS SHOP

country of manufacture

The 2021 desk calendar is designed in Saudi Arabia.

18.63 USD
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