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Desk calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, shells

18.63 USD

Desk calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, shells | Desk calendar 2021 and 1442 AH

Desktop calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, Asdaf is one of the most beautiful results for displaying the Gregorian and Hijri calendar together, as it contains the Gregorian calendar 2021 and the Hijri 1442, so there are both calendars on one side.

number of leaves

   This calendar accompanies a special, small notebook containing eighty sheets of fine white paper.

paper size

This calendar is characterized by the appropriate size, it has a size of 29.7 x 6 x 10.5 centimeters, so it can be placed on the stand for the offices.

paper thickness

It is also characterized by its light weight, its weight does not exceed 239 grams, and its dimensions are very suitable, as it has dimensions of 105 x 297 x 60 mm.

product brand

Sen brand | Seendesign.

Colors desk calendar 2021 and 1442 AH, shells

The wonderful colors of this calendar cannot be overlooked, as it combines the two colors of mauve and yellow, as well as writing in white 2021, and the agenda that comes with it is distinguished by its white paper that is comfortable to look at when writing on it, and there is also a copy of it with the same colors, but in a lighter degree.

country of manufacture

It can be said that the quality of this calendar goes back to its origin, the country of origin is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is famous for its excellence in making paper products.

18.63 USD
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