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Drawing table stand with drawer

22.68 USD

Stand drawing table with drawer.

Product Description :

The drawing table or wooden stand is one of the basics that every painter and creator is keen to acquire with high quality, as the extent of flexibility and ability to control drawing boards and various designs and install them while working with them or after finishing them depends on it, as it is an essential drawing tool, this design is a stand Wooden designed in a flexible and easy to move and take in most places for lovers of movement and travel and work outside the home. It works to install paintings during drawing and can be used by more than one mile as desired, where the tilt is controlled by metal joints, the design is equipped with a drawer to put the purposes of drawing and coloring, which Helps reduce the space used for drawing objects, as well as equipped with a metal handle for easy portability while on the move, in addition to occupying a small space in the place when it is not working.

Features :

  • A sturdy wood stand helps hold the panels in the proper position.
  • Convenient size and flexible, can be placed above the workbench to use more freely.
  • Equipped with a sturdy metal handle for easy carrying and portability as well as adding beauty to your drawing table.
  • The drawing stand includes a drawer for drawing tools.
  • It can be used by fashion designers, architects and painters.
  • The stand is equipped with flexible metal joints to determine the appropriate height and position according to the user's desire.

Color: Designed in light wood color.

Dimensions: 23 * 16.5 * 6.5 cm.

Accommodation: accommodates approximately 30 cm.


Country of Origin: France.

22.68 USD
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نوال محمد

1 year ago

جميل.... ينفع للرسم على الكراسة

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