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Dunya pencils 12 pens

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Information on the product of Dunya Pencils 12 pens

Donia high quality and efficient pencils for drawing, shading and defining, which consist of 12 black colored pencils of very high materials, which are distinguished by their beautiful and varying sizes.

Product Description :

Pencils are one of the oldest types, usually used in drawing, mainly, they are the basis and the first basic drawing steps that make the painting look sound and attractive. Most artists use them in their various drawings as a very important initial step to adjust and modify the painting before coloring. One of the most important steps necessary for the success of any painting, so Dunya Premium Pencils are designed to become like professional painters in a very short time.

number of components:

Dunya pens feature a wide range of pencils, which come in 12 different sizes and sizes for perfect shading.

product specification :

Donia International pens are characterized by their quality and precise manufacture with irresistible specifications, which will make you buy immediately to bring out the talented artist inside you, as they are characterized by being a diverse group of pens of different sizes and sizes with their thin and thick nibs of all kinds.

Features :

Pencils from Dunia have many unique features that will make you choose them in particular, as they are characterized by the following:

♥ Its cost is not that expensive compared to its very high quality and drawing efficiency.

♥ The pencil has multiple uses of drawing, writing and shading.

♥ It can be used to write wonderful and authentic Arabic calligraphy.

One of the most important features of pencils is that they can be erased at any time a mistake occurred while drawing or writing.

Easy to use and smooth in movement.

Let you control the graphics easily.

Exquisite workmanship and excellent sealing.

the design :

✬ Dunya Pencils are designed with a distinctive design. They are long and thin pens that will undoubtedly last for a large period of time, and they come in various sizes, they vary from being fine nibs to thick ones, and they come in their thin box as one set that you can gift to your friends who prefer drawing and writing.

Usage tips:

Practice holding pencils properly while drawing, marking or writing. Each method has its own grip. The method of writing differs from the method of drawing, which requires a tilted angle to produce the best paintings, and these pens can be used on Canson paper, because they give the best calendar.

Product Type: Miniature Pencils A set of up to 12 different pencils.

Manufacturer: Dunya is the headquarters of the manufacturer of these unique pens.

Country of Origin: China is the mother country and origin for the manufacture of this brand of pens.

Brand: Dunya.

Customer reviews:

Unique pens and their uses are diverse.

Easy to use and easy to control.

⋆ Their prices are not high, they are affordable for everyone.

⋆ Used for various purposes of marking, drawing and writing.

4.32 USD
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مها الحربي

5 months ago

تجربه جديده ل هذي الاقلام بس اعجبوني مره حلوين و درجات كثير و مره يجنن ب الرسم و سعرهم مره رخيص عن الاقلام الثانيه


دلال حمد

10 months ago

احب جوده الاقلام الي مثل كذا مره فيرست


اسيل اسيل

1 year ago

تجنن تدرجاته حبيته والله


سارة السبيعي

1 year ago

مرررا تجنن تفك ازمة


wadha hussain

1 year ago

كويسه مررهه


يحيى الزهراني

1 year ago


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