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Faber-Castell Watercolor Wooden Colors 12 Colors

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Faber-Castell Wooden Watercolor Set | Faber castell watercolor pencils  

Product Description :   

Faber-Castell watercolor wood colors combine the accuracy of pencil drawing and the transparency of watercolors. The box contains 12 different colors.

Product Features:  

  • Metal watercolor wooden box can not be broken, moreover, it is a valuable box.
  • The box is available in a variety of colors.
  • The colors combine lead wood colors from the same brand as Faber-Castell and watercolors.
  • These colors dissolve in water easily and harmoniously.
  • It gives the user the color harmony and the effect that works to give the paintings beauty and attractiveness.
  • Faber-Castell watercolors are not easy to break as they are designed to be break resistant.
  • It can be used as a valuable gift for friends.
  • Watercolor wood colors suitable for use on a Japanese Sketchbook size B5 .
  • It is impossible to do without the use of water-based wooden colors with The quality of the Canson manga brochure A4, as well as an A4 watercolor brochure These wood colors give the effect of watercolors on paper.
  • It gives the user, especially the creators of professional watercolor artists, the ability to be creative and unique.
  • Many different colors can be mixed together to create a vibrant palette of intent.
  • You don't need a pallet to mix the colors with it like other types of watercolors do.
  • The colors are made of non-toxic materials, so they do not affect users and children.
  • Beginners do not find it difficult to use.
  • Faber-Castell is an old-fashioned, high-quality brand since its factory was established in 1761.


Product details:  

  • Number of colors: Available in 12 colors (watercolor wood).


  • Product type: watercolor wood.


  • Base: This type of color is characterized by the fact that it has a water basis.


  • Brand: Faber-Castell .


  • Country of Manufacture: Germany .
22.95 USD
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