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Faber-Castell Wooden Colors 36 Colors

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Faber-Castell Wooden Color Palette | Faber Castell color pencils


Product Description :-


Faber-Castell wooden color set The box contains 36 different wooden colors between the main and secondary colors.


Product Features : -


  • Total wooden colors of the brand Faber Castell does not contain any toxic substances.
  • The set contains wonderful Faber-Castell wood colors available in vivid colors of colors that can be mixed into a wonderful work of art and create sparkling art paintings.
  • The set is easy to use and combines many colors in one palette.
  • Unbreakable metal color box.
  • The pens are made from recycled tree wood which gives them strength and are not easily broken.
  • Premium quality unbreakable wooden color pencils.
  • The colors are of high quality that makes the user fly in an atmosphere of creativity.
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years and over.
  • Can be used with Canson Markers A3 Notebook .
  • The box can be easily carried in the handbag or school bag for children.
  • The tip of the pen is soft and does not tear drawing papers.
  • Available in very beautiful bright colors that give the paintings of creators beauty and sophistication.
  • The pen is 3.8 mm thick.
  • Do not make marks on hands while painting paintings.
  • Bring your artwork to life with Faber-Castell wood colors.

Faber-Castell wooden paint uses :


  • Used in portrait or landscape painting, but in small spaces.
  • Can be used with novice painters.
  • Illustrators and illustrators use it with the Canson Create Your Art A4 Notebook.
  • They can be given as valuable gifts to all art and creativity lovers and professional painters.

Product details :-


  • Number of colors: The set contains 36 different colors.

  • Type: Wooden colors (Faber-Castell colors).

  • Brand: Faber-Castell 1761 AD.

  • Country of Manufacture: Germany.
15.93 USD
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