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Face pens 3 colors metallic degrees

9.99 USD

Giotto Face Painting Pens | GIOTTO MAKEUP

GIOTTO MAKEUP 3 metallic face pens are one of the best colors used in drawing on the faces of children and adults, because they are made of very safe materials that do not cause any damage to the skin.

Product details

Product Type : Colored pens for face painting .

color type: pen .

number of colors:   Three colours.

Brand : GIOTTO.

Country of Manufacture : China.

Basic information and details about the product

  • These colors are available in a wonderful golden, silver and bronze color and are among the best colors that can be used for drawing on the skin.
  • These colors were manufactured as cosmetics are made.
  • It is distinguished by its wonderful color gradation.
  • You can make a lot of wonderful drawings for children and adults on holidays and occasions.
  • This type of face painting pens is available in three different metallic colors in terms of gradation.
  • The metallic colors are wonderful and shiny, which draws attention to the drawings drawn in these colors.
  • These colors are specially designed for face painting.
  • The colors are composed of a color formula that is easy to distribute and apply to the skin.
  • The colors are designed from materials that dry quickly and do not cause graphics distortion.
  • These colors are stable on the face and are not affected by any external factors.
  • These colors are easy to remove from the face by washing them with soap and water, or using wet wipes.
  • These colors should be removed after the completion of the time of need so as not to harm the skin.
  • The colors are made of materials that are safe on the skin.
  • These colors are not greasy, so the skin is not affected by them and no grains appear on the skin.
9.99 USD
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