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Fenbow watercolor 12 colors

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Fenbow Watercolor Set | funbo water colors set

Product Description :-

Chinese Fenbow Dry Stone Watercolor Set, Inspired by the nature around us, it consists of several assorted stone colors to give natural touches to your artwork, Fenbow watercolors are specially made for beginners due to their flexibility and ease of handling.

Product Features :-

  • Funbow watercolors are an excellent choice for beginners. They give medium color coverage for how quickly colors dry, allowing artists to have flexible handling of artwork while coloring. They are quick to dry.
  • Each color of Fenbo stone watercolor is characterized by its radiant color pigment, in addition to the possibility of combining two or more colors to give different colors and shades of stone colors.
  • Fenbow watercolors come in dry packs, making it easy to carry and take anywhere without worrying about spilling or overlapping colors. It is also fast soluble in water.
  • The colors feature a clear plastic cover that can be used as a palette to blend the colors together.
  • The colors are made by Fenbo brand, which is one of the most popular brands in the world of watercolor, with the testimony of experts from artists and illustrators.

Color type : dry

Number of Colors : The box contains 12 different colors of stone watercolors.

Watercolor Funbow Attachments :- Comes with Watercolor Funbow special paintbrush for drawing and coloring.

Brand :-   Finbo.

Country of Manufacture : China.

3.24 USD
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