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Ingres Vidalon Booklet from Canson

12.42 USD

Canson Ingres Vidalon brochure | canson ingres vidalon

Product Description:

Canson notebook for dry media, 30 sheets of 100 gsm thick.

Product Features:

Canson Ingers Vidalon Notebook is characterized by its high quality paper, made of 33% cotton, ideal for use with dry media such as lead, charcoal and pastels of all kinds, and can also be used with ink, markers and markers.

Product details:

  • Paper colour: white.
  • Paper count: 30 sheets.
  • Paper thickness: 100g.
  • Brand: Canson.
  • country of manufacture; France.

This brochure can be used with:

  • the pencils.
  • coal.
  • wooden pens.
  • All kinds of pastels.
  • Markers.
  • ink.
  • Markers.
12.42 USD
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