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koi-feeling colors calm shades 6 colors

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Koi Watercolor Pens Quiet Tones | koi Coloring Brush Pen Pastel

The colors of Koi Flowmasters contain calm tones of 6 colors that contain many different and varied colors that are characterized by their calm and beauty, and the colors vary in a wonderful way, including pink, cashmere, violet, milk, phosphorous and green, and all of these colors attract attention to them because of their beauty and sophistication.

Color features

  • The brush pens are made of a flexible material, which leads to its use in making different lines, some of which are thin, medium and bold. The thickness of the line is due to the force of pressure on the tooth of the brush.
  • It is used anywhere and at any time because of the quality in its manufacture.
  • It is odorless and does not cause any inconvenience to users.
  • Its water-based basis helps in the process of color merging and layering on top of each other, and this is due to its high speed of drying.
  • Its colors are very beautiful, which increases the beauty of the paintings and draws attention to it from the intensity of the beauty of its colors that show the beauty of nature.

number of colors

6 calm and picturesque colors.

color base

Watery, making it easier for users to use without distorting the graphics.

Tooth type

The tip of the brush is tapered and flexible, which helps the user to make fine, medium and thick lines according to the pressure on the brush.

trade mark

Sakura is one of the most famous brands and brands that are preferred by all people in all countries of the world, as it is characterized by its high quality.

country of origin

Japan .

7.83 USD
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